~Lovers Full Moon & The Affirming Wind~

Libra Full Moon on 4-11-17 marks a time of clarity in companionship. The days leading up to it and after that will evolve our next step in relationship with others and with our self. Will we want to continue in a listless dynamic with our dream or will we make necessary commitments in order to have a fruitful partnership with our lover, business, spiritual practices, diet, activities, learning, faith, great mystery, Godis and our own personal life? Libra is the Full Moon across from the Aries Sun. Here happy co-creating meets passionate independence. We need both to thrive in life. Yet we must engage these feelings in harmony with our own truth. Aries will not back down from finding the source of a situations underlying problem, whether it be relationship honesty, money challenges, activities, health, and or feeling one is living their personal vision and values in life. Libra wants connection that is beautiful, open, honest, fun, and growing in all areas of life. The key here is to hone in on what makes you feel alive in your own life and in regards to others. If your lover is not listening to where you are at and is only projecting their ideas onto you, it is likely you will feel it is time to severe the relationship. For Libra wants domestic bliss and Aries wants freedom to express that in her own way. Be honest, state what you want, see if your partner feels the same, if not, acknowledge openly the differences each is Seeking, Give Thanks and Move On* First seek harmony & truth of what actually is, see where your love is at. Does one of you love more openly and one more conditionally? You will feel the quality or the disharmony. Release the fantasy that your lover is God. they are not. But God is holding your hand as you confess your vision to them and ask them, Do you want the same? Do not play victim if they don’t satisfy your vision of love bliss companionship, instead ask Thee Beloved Universe for Clarity on how to attain those Love ful feelings in yourself and pray to find and be guided to someone or something New that can Align with your Love* This Full Moon we have to Relate on a Deep Heart~full Level,,, or else we will lose the very present we are receiving during this Golden Time and Cosmic alignment<> Happy Full Moon in Libra Blessings and Aries Sun Light Healing~
~Mantra for this Full Moon Period ~” I know I can do my best, I just have to let rest, my mind, and Allow my heart to confess*”
Om Shanti Love~Christa Luv
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Epic Ah… Ride Flow 4~1~17

~The ride was from the Poem named town, Haiku. The first stop was a place that ends with wow…every… time, Makawao, the ocean view descending vista, bicycling my feelers, freeing the wheelers, by being in thee natures, My element, Chime* Winding down the big Baldwin, and finding Holy Rosary Of Mary to play piano on The Baldwin, I PRAY IN MUSIC, the Holy images remind me, stay pure heart, like a child of wonder & discovery every moment leaking into the next Rainbow epic ah… Couraging me, leading me to Paia, Iyengar with Lee at Mesh Yoga, the breezes of town inspiring a nice long stroll about, just about… Lunch on the beach, sea turtle swim companions at the cove. Woman sailor chatting me up… teaching me about easiness with business creative artist behavior. She is happy her children are happy and living life. She states she didn’t start living life till she was 30. I wonder if I can start living more myself, I notice I am!? I continue my beach walk, flirt with babies, blondes, and Mama’s. I start adoring the teenage girls and bless them with compliments on how delicate they all look. I am becoming a magnet for beauty. An advocate for the feminine wild wemoon. Thee cafe calls me for tea time.. I soak up more beauty, I draw a blue woman born from wonderfulness, simplicity and unity solitude. She says, photograph all the beauty you see and share its wealth with the world. I finish my manifesting intentional writing, read realm shifts, and close the book. My dance continues, walk, health food store, and the sweatiest bike ride of my new year so far, Paia, Makawao, and to my poem with a home Haiku. Epic is U* lover U<> Life~I will remember Thee I feel<> 4~1~17 Christa Luv  ~sweet dreams~

Pedal a Petal~Turn the Wheel*

The roses sighing, first signs of spring. Prayers only the Nuns know. Gratitude only the wind carries to my body. Listening to the African Prayers of Drum and Affirmation. My colors still mixing… Tones of my life changing.. Not feeling the joy as much, some kind of seriousness has moved in. Indecision breeding sorrow. What has gone by, wanting to grab it now, in the now. Poetry easing the feelings, exposing joy can come from diving into the depths, but how to come back after such a journey, maybe we never come back until we allow ourselves to do that New Thing on this Earth, make that mysterious feeling~~ form a dance, song, paint, food, travel venture, business, medicine, meditation, expansiveness,  new path, devotion, clothing, jewelry, book, & or hearth of All that is<> Some say your environment is a reflection of your inner life. So you can only believe a person’s level of integrity by the environment they live in. If it is clustered, they are carrying things you don’t want to pick up. In fact don’t pick it up. Go fly instead. Find a space of grace and move with the river beds and the mountains power flow. Let go, spring is here to let you know, you can let go and still love<> Divine Presence I am reaching for your heart, ready to play your beloved instrument and Tune you just right<>Love Christa Luv 3:31:17

Divine Intervention for Depression

I was born awake, just in your arms, did my twenty -second breath take. Where your eyes were no mistake for the way I was ready to make’ U my door to the Universe of Universes. I had to keep sharing. My heart was watching the scene, even though my eyes became closed, my heart was loud and I was listening, incredibly close, your mouth by my ear, Even distant beings, faceless, I smelt their tears. No space for low ideas, this was a mountain of stealth, a place of peace & power. I was leaning in closer, beginning to trust its omnipresence, instead of filling it with habits of escape. I watched U. U watched me, listening in. There have been many before me who found a way to clean up the channel, without falling out of periphery, yet meeting all its round edges with a ballets pointed toe dash ‘of certainty. I was not here to be anything else, I tried and failed miserably. Thank Godis U laughed at my attempts, so loud I only had to listen to what that truly meant for my own life, our life. I was tired enough to realize I had been denying my passion, and A’gain I was on a potent mission to find it. The zenith hour approaching, with nothing but a heart full of prayers and loves irresistible breathe to guide me. I began my journey with a sachet  full of glowing embers, still hot from life’s  growing fire. Oh transmutation’ clarify this vessel before she drowns herself in agony. I prayed to remember psychic processing has days like this. A em-path who feels the world is only as powerful as one draws  it into healing and inquiry<> I ask how do you handle your increasing sensitivity and imagination, so that I may be of service and not depress thee pure gifts influence? On this life you owe yourself a confession’ What exactly are you here for’ darling? I am listening softly, my depression was just an obstacle to my imagination & need to explore thee beloved Unknowns~ With Love~ Dance A’round & find thee source, if you don’t like what you see, enter a new course, Trust to find whats worth your time<> Thank U*

Remember to Invent’ or we may lose thee  world we live in~

12-6-16. Christa Luv.

So Forth We Grow

Did you take the time to know me beyond surface, skin, and sweat? I’d like to look into your eyes a gain without filter, without need. See how everything has changed in company. Did you request any more songs from me? I think I sang you the one about getting through to the Universe and staying there. You seemed to have connected me through your body surrender<> Was that a surrender? I guess if you were not worrying about things, we’d be in love together, instead separately it seems we must dance. I do dance better alone. Union is more fun now when we meet, thank Godis for the illusion of apart. I feel more together than ever. Can this stay on, will you come before going off on your dear habit of disappearing. I like what you said after the massage was done. You made an impression, I needed in order to grow. I sense the angels are hear to stay now. The messengers of self reliance and the way new wings grow without weight, and penetrating light* The tree and I came love^   C~Luv 11/24/16

Natural Frequency Supplement

Here we have captured the essence of Tree medicine along with music’s healing embraces. This supplement cures all dis~ease. Please will you re-invite ease into your life? See the truth of energy Flowing in Harmony in All of nature and become it, such as the Tao, such as the breath* Come into the complete process, the finished product, the instance of tuning in and curing yourself and the World. If you’d like more information on this supplement, please email rista.luv3@gmail.com for product details and offerings. Attune your instrument and evolve<>

Open Safe is Love

The undertaking of present conversation. What am I here to do? The work of the heart rules the Universe. Everything else will keep you tied up, somewhat hogged tied’ ya know the feeling. Yet get to know the feeling of love energy, no judgement, allowance, and direct contact with Godis  mystery energy inquiry. How Universe do you bring me this now? New Love, new light on things I’ve been thinking and thinking over and over again, transformed into something more beautiful and more opening. Opening, if your life is not, it is closing in on you and That is not Life. Right now we must reclaim our love presence and let go of all else dividing us and hiding our light. Own your energy and Return, always return and grow with Godis, all situations are for this expansion, can you feel it emerging and healing Everything* Clearly you live for this remembrance and it is easy to meet others who Feel the same and Resonate in the Divine Presence  Frequency dancing us forward balanced and contently<> Choice Intentions Ascending Bird Song~

~New Season New Paradigm Chime~

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii. As you know Iron Man is approaching and the Triathletes are practicing practicing…. So nice to see the power of the human being in spirit and body work together. We are built infinitely to work in harmony Yes* Very inspiring to me, as I grew up in sports and have never stopped being an athlete, yet I did let go of the extremism of it and ego about it. Athleticism is a relationship with Godis, no one else really, and in that sweaty spiritual discipline we see the difference of what it is we must allow in ourselves and in others to happen. Amazing flower power. And yes, the peace within to follow such a vigorous work out. Your focus is your light and your magic and your power grounded. Isn’t it lovely to realize “You make yourself happy”. Say it “I make myself happy*” Notice how your energy feels focused now and not lost in abyss of a reactive environment spewing your power away. Staying power is your root in yourself, no matter what others do with themselves or ideas about you. Ruler, are you owning you dear? I hope so. Welcome this new month and new season and feel what it is like to be abundant, grateful, direct, honest, and open. Today I found myself more clear about a situation with a woman friend I have been living with and realized I dis-empower myself when I believe her judgements about my personal life. I only empower myself when I honor where I am at without judgement and ultimately that helps me help her too. She doesn’t even have to know I pray that she has happiness and success in her own way. Yet I have learned now That when I am as or more financially and materially as well off as she is, that I will treat others still with kindness, gratitude and presence. Being here is teaching me what True Wealth really is and ultimately I am a Rich one, because I have nothing I can not share with others and the world. In fact everything I have is because I am connected to the abundant universe and I trust in the abundant universe flow. My intuition tells me ” If I’am not judged or judge I am free’er and happier in so many beautiful ways.” Can we agree this is a lesson in Capability and True Wealth Presence Now. No one can make you feel small, but you can notice how small they have become, and pray for their revival as a wholesome open loving human being who trust in the divine order of the abundant universe. Thank You friends and open hands and happy hearts doing your part your art and your flowering power* God can you feel beyond this for me and show me what I am longing for? Seems, it is always, the next shore. Let us open our hearts to the present report here on earth and see how close we are to who we truely are and have worked so hard to become<> What is worth your time, but the order of the divine. Open your eyes to me* And allow yourself to see Thee Beloved Dream* Awake OM~

~Love Christa Luv~ October 1 2016 We Can or I Can or We Both Can~



Now Is It*

Do you see what we are? Or is your vision tainted by your past wounds defended? Give yourself to the present~ What have you become~ A guiding light to others or a victim and slave to your circumstances? People can spend a lifetime living under the eyes of anothers idea of “success” and remain feeling empty not knowing why truely it is. Yet it is easy to see they have not found their Personal Version of Success. I see woman everyday deny their success because it doesn’t look right? Yet when you open your eyes to the present, you can only see all the potential of what is directly at your hands; a place, nature, a person, a lover, a pet, an activity, faith in wholeness to fruition. Why else would we meet at this time in our lives? So that we can see beyond our heads buried in the sand* Try writing a list Calling it~ The Benefits of The Now~ See what is Calling you Now and Trust it~ For Now is leading to the Future you crave, Yes<*> Namaste P.S. ~Everybody is Teacher~ What you want & what you don’t want”. Thank Godis, Don’t get mad, Get Calling Clarity* Love U*

Your Life Design is Calling

Flow open feels like being in your essence. Your element, as the divine force you are designed to be. I have struggled long with my design, trying to distort it, due to feeling it was never welcomed since birth here on Earth. Yet as I read ” Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I realized with a smile inside, we all have a special design that upholds the rest of the matrix, mandala, and wholeness of the Universe evolving. Focus now on what your design is and trust its flow. Your design is your own, nobody Else’s, even though you have your dad’s eyes and calves, doesn’t mean you are a runner like him. Maybe you are a dancer or singer or yogi. Can you remember when you were 5 years young, you knew exactly what you wanted to do here in life. Your life is calling is all about that. I have been through the storms, my home fell apart, my love relationship life burned up, my work felt meaningless and all health issues of past wounds surfaced, Yes all at once! Amazing the dishes life serves up sometimes, you wonder who the chef is, and if they are not a total joker? Point being, I get it! I get that whatever I have been doing to distort myself, had to be cleared, so that I can return to my natural design. Thank Loveliness. Now I am more focused and clear then ever~ Its as if I have finished the Degree program and I finally get to graduate and integrate what I have learned in all areas of my life. Do you ever wake up and wonder how did I get here? Well instead I ask, what does my design have to do with the world’s design today. We are born alone, die alone, and live together in between unknown events, meanings, synchronicity’s. Today I ask you to embrace your design and feel its flow. You may come to learn what you’ve always known and begin to help others do the same. Belong without place, Belong to your design and see the world show up in its Miraculous sign. Love & Light to the Highest degree~ U see U see U me<>photo-on-2013-02-01-at-21-12-29-21-16 Christa Luv (Seaqouia)

Holistic Happy Life