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<>Merry New Year & Blessed New Moon<>

How perfectly was New Moon on the 16th a number associated with deconstruction and spiritual Attunement. What did you realize must go If you are going to Live your Authenticity with integrity? We’ve had space since the beginning of 2018 to be still and listen to the big voice within. Signs and Omens everywhere with which direction to go and Grow* Perhaps it Shocked you a little, the way you handled the energy of the new season. Possibly you happily kissed the past good~bye, and Found your Focus on The Now, Your Free Choice and Future<> That may be the best remedy for the Devotion we are Moving into as a Collective and as an Individual. What Tools do you Need to build what you Value and How can You be Loyal to your Blossoming? Maybe you will start writing your new book and Publish it, travel New lands, pray More in Ritual, call yourself to view and Look Deeply to see if you Resonate with what you are doing now and becoming. How do you share your gifts? Is your partnership based on Love and Freedom or coercion and fear? In what ways can you daily Uplift yourself and your Relationship with the World? There seems to be a Global desire to Change our systems to Match our Humanity and Honor The Earth. Complaining won’t work. Everyone gets it* Yet you are the one who must do it* You Must live it, the Example you set is the way you inspire others to reach, breath, and discover. Old systems and old minds are shriveling into dust and becoming compost for The Higher Mind Heart, and we each can do that. You never have to do anything, and Really you can’t unless you learn to be First. Be Present and Gracious with yourself and other. The intensity of 2018 is going to bring you home to your Castle* So we choose wisely, we make a date with our best friend, Maybe just ourself and We ask each other ” What makes you Happy? Now how can we invest our currency (energy) into our sovereign Happy Community? Perhaps you enjoy walking and enjoying the scenery, so do you really need a oil car? You can go slow and meditate in your day to day activities, no one is rushing you. You are meant to Savor, even designed to Sense what is So Sensual about life, Your relationship to it. Blessed New Beginning and Happy New Approaches to this Dance of Life<> I Love You~ Christa Luv 1~17~18

Taigah Yoga Years of Development

Since I was 19, when I moved to Hawaii, I have been listening and moving with nature (ocean currents and trees). Taigah Yoga is a lifestyle based on the breath, movement, diet, and Holistic Health. Anyone can benefit and see immediate results from this lifestyle, I have a background  as a professional athlete, Ayurveda practitioner, yogi, singer, performance artist, psychic, unknown traveler, writer and artist. I actually healed my years as a year round athlete with these practices and that’s Why I am So Happy to Share them with you! Our bodies are Instruments that play Beautiful Music when we Allow them there Natural Design. Taigah Yoga empowers the bodies Natural Tendencies to Heal, Renew, and Expand itself. Blessings to Your Whealth of Being Friends!

Love Christa Luv

Love’ Yes Yourself~Bless Thee Entirety

           Thee Divine Presence I’am~ You are here with me. The flow of Mother Whealth and Father Love meeting one again. This day is a Turn, for we are embracing the new way of light, love, God is, and infinite healing miracles and light caressing round every inch of this Beloved Earth. Hear the music of Angels in the wind, kindred souls, hearts beating together as one, Creamy Oneness in the Divine Sanctuary* Yes Yourself* Bless the entirety of existence my friends!’ Take heed of the Abundance Right Now* The Sun is near Jupiter and we are expanding in thee great deep wells of expanse. Children sing with us in divine alignment. Archangels safely radiate glistening light around us. Yesus* I meant to tell you~ it is You thats been looking at me, and me looking at you~ Divine Child, innocent wonder of Holy days mixed with Holy nights~ Stars like to be gazed upon’ in order to transport the knowledge of Fun to your Blissed out soul~ my darlin* Listen in and Feel what is coming for U and for everyone in gentle centered soft ground. We are here, in the simple and the profound<> My hands open to guide you and my voice utilized to attune you~ Sound frequency to balance you, Home in the divine womb I am. Great Nurturer, Great Mystery provides~ Your Fun is up to You~ The Wisdom you act upon is creating your sweet reality~ Will you like a cup o tea? Your beauty is wanted* For this place is filling with Yesus* At any moment you can turn and face us~ We will gladly put forth our hands to enlighten with your hands* Thee forms we make,,, will be trance like, and solid at the same time~ Quite like a human being yourself~ Sa’Su’Fe’ ! I’am Thee Divine Presence I am*
Christa Luv 8~28~17
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All My Love~

Write Your New Story*

Thee meeting ground of you and your garden. Tell me what does it look like? What do you feel like when you are in it? For the manifesting power is in the FEELING you are wanting to attain* It is not in the how to make it happen, when, where. Simply, Vision Value Believe and Feel is key and asking your Angels for Guidance to get you to that Great Place easily, smoothly, and quickly* It takes no effort. No force. All it takes is Intention to Receive,,,,, the gifts you are Feeling.*Please Feel it out…. and Allow in Your New Story and know that at any point you can say Thank You**** Even before the Miracle appears in the perfect form. Thank You Namaste~ Christa Luv 8~2~17 Miercles Day*

*Time for a Shrine*

The opening prayer will feel like an expansion in your heart, a deep breath will emerge and purge all your little sufferings and big ones too. Don’t worry. Good is grief~ Clean those Chakras Out* See them glisten in sunlight rainbows. I am with Thee’ holding the hand of thee Beloved. We have the same gaze, on Godis Godis Godis is….. as it is to be. We are here dancing infinite Love. Take space Gracefully. Juice up on your Magic Emptiness<> Yes’ did you know it is wise and safe to be empty? An artist doesn’t start a Master~peace with a covered canvas. Shall we be seeing you now dearest<> Chime with your Shrine and Face it This Time* I Love U~ Even on the rocks~ I Love U like we are All on our way Home Now it is ON OM<> 7~26~17 I walked to the center and found it was connected to everything of Joy<> Christa Luv

*Ganesha Tree Smiles On You*

Ganesha in a tree. Her body resting in a reassuring smile. Obstacles will be removed easily. The aisle will hold a new painting and of’course Change according to plan, divine plan. Just like after I started writing this article, I looked up and the ire green Ganesha was gone. So I got the message, and then she went to her spirit work at her next location. That is a seed I needed and she offered me just enough, in order that I may have motivation and finish what I started. So that I may ‘Chime In’ to what the moment actually is, a waking Up to the Miraclulous. Do I call this something of the magnificent? Yes, but also I call it the everyday Resonance of tuning one’s instrument to what is true. Godis is true, and you will be stopped when you have forgotten this, because this is a symbolic life and we are all from source, the one. Oh Yes the One is for us, helping us, guiding us on in love and trust. “Change with me, not against me” whispered Ganesha, for I hold the source of your Joy and your success. I hold the Irish smile which blesses all of earth and its beings on any given day* You told me you like music, so I attracted you with a tune, and you had to finish the song in the way you want the story to go. I was just the messenger, you were the one who was here to live. I sense tears in your eyes, and I will softly come to reinforce their fall,,,. I will gently come by your side to allow you to let it out, flow into the abyss mystery of love divinity and more. I will not let you go without me, for I am that which you seek, so keep seeking in order to dance with me, again & again. My love I am smiling at your smiling<> Christa Luv 5~19~17 Me & EleGanesha

*Moment of Prayers<>Learning New Tongues*

Your beauty taught me Ancient songs that got trapped long ago deep in my body. You came open, present, fun, and evolving. Your ground, a tree I love very much. A sacred thing, connecting to the vastness of Universal Love and extended poses, We set a space<> We’re Altaring the world ‘ with our prayers for one another, our power to Chime~in on our own speech, conduct* We transmute conditioned behavior, we breathe fire, heart, soul, unity of the directions and goals as One Life~ No separation. A child knows this, she just does her dream and the rest follows, deep within her vessel, a solid terrain of magic, manifest, and abundance lives & is at peace with self in the Flesh* Can you remember the breath upon the breath of creation? Words are the dancers clothes. What do you wear? A smile is worth a Rest from the mind, or maybe your heart has grown into your mind and they smile as One now~ Inviting another view of this existence we so graciously need to express unknowingly, Lovingly, and mysteriously. In order to get beyond the known, we come to live vulnerably in the now, which is about winning, being one, won forever free* My body was touched by your hands and my soul was Awakened & Wild with clear sight. Oh what we Must do Now~~ For it is who we are and What Will You’ the World is Becoming, moment by Moment’ this a dream’ is seeing<> Thee Song will Sing<> Resolating I’am* Christa Luv 5~2~2017

~Holistic Astrological Birth Chart Readings~

 Consider your Beauty, Your Design* It is a New Season~ You know the feeling~ Seeking the meaning~ Believing in the up-heaving (Up Grading)~ So we can come Anew. Walk with new shoes, new eyes, new behavior of a Wholey kind (no need to act broken), Abundance is Life Flowing~ See thee Divine in All of Life<> Contact me Christa Luv for a personal Birth Chart Reading & Focused Report of What is Next for You<> I specialize in the Houses and Love to dive deep into what is your Greatest Gift, Calling, Purpose, and Sacred Path in this Life. I am an Astrologer, Channel, Clairvoyant, Poet, Musician, Dancer, Prayer~Devotee,  Ayurveda Medicine Maker, Author, Seeker, & Lover of Life<>

Send me an email at and we can set up a Phone, Skype, FaceTime, or In-Person Reading<> I also utilize the Oracle and the Angels for your Personal Reading* 

PRICES *Full Chart Reading $129.00 (1-2hrs).  *LOVE Chart $80.           *Composite (You & Another together as One Chart) $100.00.    *YouChoice’ Focus Chart Reading $100.00.                                                                

*All credit/debit cards accepted!

Blessings To You Being You Wholesome & Happy!

With Magic & Love~ Christa Luv

Tuning into You & Thee Universe
Tuning into You & Thee Universe

Infinite Expansion Pristine

Your body is a temple…. even though your lustfull, I sang* Body temple wisdom, Change with me. 1,2,3, take breath’s, Breathe…. Don’t do the redo, your Father did that. Go on strong* Pristine mind, Divine Dream, Diamond Body<> See what IS in front of you~ Who you are, A Metaphysical Saint, A body wisdom quake, through all her pores, his eyes reflected more than, You See Me~ Bless U Bless Me<> A Quantum Healing, An Epic Dream I had of you going beyond what you know* You became Thee One you’ve been waiting for’ and released the fact ” You’ve All~ways Known Abundance is Now, let others in on that<> Your Presence is Wanted* Infinite Expansion ~~~lending you a kiss of no return*

Namaste Beloved’s~ Christa Luv 4~17~17