Taigah Yoga Years of Development

Since I was 19, when I moved to Hawaii, I have been listening and moving with nature (ocean currents and trees). Taigah Yoga is a lifestyle based on the breath, movement, diet, and Holistic Health. Anyone can benefit and see immediate results from this lifestyle, I have a background¬† as a professional athlete, Ayurveda practitioner, yogi, singer, performance artist, psychic, unknown traveler, writer and artist. I actually healed my years as a year round athlete with these practices and that’s Why I am So Happy to Share them with you! Our bodies are Instruments that play Beautiful Music when we Allow them there Natural Design. Taigah Yoga empowers the bodies Natural Tendencies to Heal, Renew, and Expand itself. Blessings to Your Whealth of Being Friends!

Love Christa Luv