<>Merry New Year & Blessed New Moon<>

How perfectly was New Moon on the 16th a number associated with deconstruction and spiritual Attunement. What did you realize must go If you are going to Live your Authenticity with integrity? We’ve had space since the beginning of 2018 to be still and listen to the big voice within. Signs and Omens everywhere with which direction to go and Grow* Perhaps it Shocked you a little, the way you handled the energy of the new season. Possibly you happily kissed the past good~bye, and Found your Focus on The Now, Your Free Choice and Future<> That may be the best remedy for the Devotion we are Moving into as a Collective and as an Individual. What Tools do you Need to build what you Value and How can You be Loyal to your Blossoming? Maybe you will start writing your new book and Publish it, travel New lands, pray More in Ritual, call yourself to view and Look Deeply to see if you Resonate with what you are doing now and becoming. How do you share your gifts? Is your partnership based on Love and Freedom or coercion and fear? In what ways can you daily Uplift yourself and your Relationship with the World? There seems to be a Global desire to Change our systems to Match our Humanity and Honor The Earth. Complaining won’t work. Everyone gets it* Yet you are the one who must do it* You Must live it, the Example you set is the way you inspire others to reach, breath, and discover. Old systems and old minds are shriveling into dust and becoming compost for The Higher Mind Heart, and we each can do that. You never have to do anything, and Really you can’t unless you learn to be First. Be Present and Gracious with yourself and other. The intensity of 2018 is going to bring you home to your Castle* So we choose wisely, we make a date with our best friend, Maybe just ourself and We ask each other ” What makes you Happy? Now how can we invest our currency (energy) into our sovereign Happy Community? Perhaps you enjoy walking and enjoying the scenery, so do you really need a oil car? You can go slow and meditate in your day to day activities, no one is rushing you. You are meant to Savor, even designed to Sense what is So Sensual about life, Your relationship to it. Blessed New Beginning and Happy New Approaches to this Dance of Life<> I Love You~ Christa Luv 1~17~18