Love’ Yes Yourself~Bless Thee Entirety

           Thee Divine Presence I’am~ You are here with me. The flow of Mother Whealth and Father Love meeting one again. This day is a Turn, for we are embracing the new way of light, love, God is, and infinite healing miracles and light caressing round every inch of this Beloved Earth. Hear the music of Angels in the wind, kindred souls, hearts beating together as one, Creamy Oneness in the Divine Sanctuary* Yes Yourself* Bless the entirety of existence my friends!’ Take heed of the Abundance Right Now* The Sun is near Jupiter and we are expanding in thee great deep wells of expanse. Children sing with us in divine alignment. Archangels safely radiate glistening light around us. Yesus* I meant to tell you~ it is You thats been looking at me, and me looking at you~ Divine Child, innocent wonder of Holy days mixed with Holy nights~ Stars like to be gazed upon’ in order to transport the knowledge of Fun to your Blissed out soul~ my darlin* Listen in and Feel what is coming for U and for everyone in gentle centered soft ground. We are here, in the simple and the profound<> My hands open to guide you and my voice utilized to attune you~ Sound frequency to balance you, Home in the divine womb I am. Great Nurturer, Great Mystery provides~ Your Fun is up to You~ The Wisdom you act upon is creating your sweet reality~ Will you like a cup o tea? Your beauty is wanted* For this place is filling with Yesus* At any moment you can turn and face us~ We will gladly put forth our hands to enlighten with your hands* Thee forms we make,,, will be trance like, and solid at the same time~ Quite like a human being yourself~ Sa’Su’Fe’ ! I’am Thee Divine Presence I am*
Christa Luv 8~28~17
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All My Love~