*Time for a Shrine*

The opening prayer will feel like an expansion in your heart, a deep breath will emerge and purge all your little sufferings and big ones too. Don’t worry. Good is grief~ Clean those Chakras Out* See them glisten in sunlight rainbows. I am with Thee’ holding the hand of thee Beloved. We have the same gaze, on Godis Godis Godis is….. as it is to be. We are here dancing infinite Love. Take space Gracefully. Juice up on your Magic Emptiness<> Yes’ did you know it is wise and safe to be empty? An artist doesn’t start a Master~peace with a covered canvas. Shall we be seeing you now dearest<> Chime with your Shrine and Face it This Time* I Love U~ Even on the rocks~ I Love U like we are All on our way Home Now it is ON OM<> 7~26~17 I walked to the center and found it was connected to everything of Joy<> Christa Luv