*Ganesha Tree Smiles On You*

Ganesha in a tree. Her body resting in a reassuring smile. Obstacles will be removed easily. The aisle will hold a new painting and of’course Change according to plan, divine plan. Just like after I started writing this article, I looked up and the ire green Ganesha was gone. So I got the message, and then she went to her spirit work at her next location. That is a seed I needed and she offered me just enough, in order that I may have motivation and finish what I started. So that I may ‘Chime In’ to what the moment actually is, a waking Up to the Miraclulous. Do I call this something of the magnificent? Yes, but also I call it the everyday Resonance of tuning one’s instrument to what is true. Godis is true, and you will be stopped when you have forgotten this, because this is a symbolic life and we are all from source, the one. Oh Yes the One is for us, helping us, guiding us on in love and trust. “Change with me, not against me” whispered Ganesha, for I hold the source of your Joy and your success. I hold the Irish smile which blesses all of earth and its beings on any given day* You told me you like music, so I attracted you with a tune, and you had to finish the song in the way you want the story to go. I was just the messenger, you were the one who was here to live. I sense tears in your eyes, and I will softly come to reinforce their fall,,,. I will gently come by your side to allow you to let it out, flow into the abyss mystery of love divinity and more. I will not let you go without me, for I am that which you seek, so keep seeking in order to dance with me, again & again. My love I am smiling at your smiling<> Christa Luv 5~19~17 Me & EleGanesha