*Moment of Prayers<>Learning New Tongues*

Your beauty taught me Ancient songs that got trapped long ago deep in my body. You came open, present, fun, and evolving. Your ground, a tree I love very much. A sacred thing, connecting to the vastness of Universal Love and extended poses, We set a space<> We’re Altaring the world ‘ with our prayers for one another, our power to Chime~in on our own speech, conduct* We transmute conditioned behavior, we breathe fire, heart, soul, unity of the directions and goals as One Life~ No separation. A child knows this, she just does her dream and the rest follows, deep within her vessel, a solid terrain of magic, manifest, and abundance lives & is at peace with self in the Flesh* Can you remember the breath upon the breath of creation? Words are the dancers clothes. What do you wear? A smile is worth a Rest from the mind, or maybe your heart has grown into your mind and they smile as One now~ Inviting another view of this existence we so graciously need to express unknowingly, Lovingly, and mysteriously. In order to get beyond the known, we come to live vulnerably in the now, which is about winning, being one, won forever free* My body was touched by your hands and my soul was Awakened & Wild with clear sight. Oh what we Must do Now~~ For it is who we are and What Will You’ the World is Becoming, moment by Moment’ this a dream’ is seeing<> Thee Song will Sing<> Resolating I’am* Christa Luv 5~2~2017