Infinite Expansion Pristine

Your body is a temple…. even though your lustfull, I sang* Body temple wisdom, Change with me. 1,2,3, take breath’s, Breathe…. Don’t do the redo, your Father did that. Go on strong* Pristine mind, Divine Dream, Diamond Body<> See what IS in front of you~ Who you are, A Metaphysical Saint, A body wisdom quake, through all her pores, his eyes reflected more than, You See Me~ Bless U Bless Me<> A Quantum Healing, An Epic Dream I had of you going beyond what you know* You became Thee One you’ve been waiting for’ and released the fact ” You’ve All~ways Known Abundance is Now, let others in on that<> Your Presence is Wanted* Infinite Expansion ~~~lending you a kiss of no return*

Namaste Beloved’s~ Christa Luv 4~17~17