~Holistic Astrological Birth Chart Readings~

 Consider your Beauty, Your Design* It is a New Season~ You know the feeling~ Seeking the meaning~ Believing in the up-heaving (Up Grading)~ So we can come Anew. Walk with new shoes, new eyes, new behavior of a Wholey kind (no need to act broken), Abundance is Life Flowing~ See thee Divine in All of Life<> Contact me Christa Luv for a personal Birth Chart Reading & Focused Report of What is Next for You<> I specialize in the Houses and Love to dive deep into what is your Greatest Gift, Calling, Purpose, and Sacred Path in this Life. I am an Astrologer, Channel, Clairvoyant, Poet, Musician, Dancer, Prayer~Devotee,  Ayurveda Medicine Maker, Author, Seeker, & Lover of Life<>

Send me an email at rista.luv3@gmail.com and we can set up a Phone, Skype, FaceTime, or In-Person Reading<> I also utilize the Oracle and the Angels for your Personal Reading* 

PRICES *Full Chart Reading $129.00 (1-2hrs).  *LOVE Chart $80.           *Composite (You & Another together as One Chart) $100.00.    *YouChoice’ Focus Chart Reading $100.00.                                                                

*All credit/debit cards accepted!

Blessings To You Being You Wholesome & Happy!

With Magic & Love~ Christa Luv

Tuning into You & Thee Universe
Tuning into You & Thee Universe