~Lovers Full Moon & The Affirming Wind~

Libra Full Moon on 4-11-17 marks a time of clarity in companionship. The days leading up to it and after that will evolve our next step in relationship with others and with our self. Will we want to continue in a listless dynamic with our dream or will we make necessary commitments in order to have a fruitful partnership with our lover, business, spiritual practices, diet, activities, learning, faith, great mystery, Godis and our own personal life? Libra is the Full Moon across from the Aries Sun. Here happy co-creating meets passionate independence. We need both to thrive in life. Yet we must engage these feelings in harmony with our own truth. Aries will not back down from finding the source of a situations underlying problem, whether it be relationship honesty, money challenges, activities, health, and or feeling one is living their personal vision and values in life. Libra wants connection that is beautiful, open, honest, fun, and growing in all areas of life. The key here is to hone in on what makes you feel alive in your own life and in regards to others. If your lover is not listening to where you are at and is only projecting their ideas onto you, it is likely you will feel it is time to severe the relationship. For Libra wants domestic bliss and Aries wants freedom to express that in her own way. Be honest, state what you want, see if your partner feels the same, if not, acknowledge openly the differences each is Seeking, Give Thanks and Move On* First seek harmony & truth of what actually is, see where your love is at. Does one of you love more openly and one more conditionally? You will feel the quality or the disharmony. Release the fantasy that your lover is God. they are not. But God is holding your hand as you confess your vision to them and ask them, Do you want the same? Do not play victim if they don’t satisfy your vision of love bliss companionship, instead ask Thee Beloved Universe for Clarity on how to attain those Love ful feelings in yourself and pray to find and be guided to someone or something New that can Align with your Love* This Full Moon we have to Relate on a Deep Heart~full Level,,, or else we will lose the very present we are receiving during this Golden Time and Cosmic alignment<> Happy Full Moon in Libra Blessings and Aries Sun Light Healing~
~Mantra for this Full Moon Period ~” I know I can do my best, I just have to let rest, my mind, and Allow my heart to confess*”
Om Shanti Love~Christa Luv
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