Epic Ah… Ride Flow 4~1~17

~The ride was from the Poem named town, Haiku. The first stop was a place that ends with wow…every… time, Makawao, the ocean view descending vista, bicycling my feelers, freeing the wheelers, by being in thee natures, My element, Chime* Winding down the big Baldwin, and finding Holy Rosary Of Mary to play piano on The Baldwin, I PRAY IN MUSIC, the Holy images remind me, stay pure heart, like a child of wonder & discovery every moment leaking into the next Rainbow epic ah… Couraging me, leading me to Paia, Iyengar with Lee at Mesh Yoga, the breezes of town inspiring a nice long stroll about, just about… Lunch on the beach, sea turtle swim companions at the cove. Woman sailor chatting me up… teaching me about easiness with business creative artist behavior. She is happy her children are happy and living life. She states she didn’t start living life till she was 30. I wonder if I can start living more myself, I notice I am!? I continue my beach walk, flirt with babies, blondes, and Mama’s. I start adoring the teenage girls and bless them with compliments on how delicate they all look. I am becoming a magnet for beauty. An advocate for the feminine wild wemoon. Thee cafe calls me for tea time.. I soak up more beauty, I draw a blue woman born from wonderfulness, simplicity and unity solitude. She says, photograph all the beauty you see and share its wealth with the world. I finish my manifesting intentional writing, read realm shifts, and close the book. My dance continues, walk, health food store, and the sweatiest bike ride of my new year so far, Paia, Makawao, and to my poem with a home Haiku. Epic is U* lover U<> Life~I will remember Thee I feel<> 4~1~17 Christa Luv  ~sweet dreams~