Pedal a Petal~Turn the Wheel*

The roses sighing, first signs of spring. Prayers only the Nuns know. Gratitude only the wind carries to my body. Listening to the African Prayers of Drum and Affirmation. My colors still mixing… Tones of my life changing.. Not feeling the joy as much, some kind of seriousness has moved in. Indecision breeding sorrow. What has gone by, wanting to grab it now, in the now. Poetry easing the feelings, exposing joy can come from diving into the depths, but how to come back after such a journey, maybe we never come back until we allow ourselves to do that New Thing on this Earth, make that mysterious feeling~~ form a dance, song, paint, food, travel venture, business, medicine, meditation, expansiveness,  new path, devotion, clothing, jewelry, book, & or hearth of All that is<> Some say your environment is a reflection of your inner life. So you can only believe a person’s level of integrity by the environment they live in. If it is clustered, they are carrying things you don’t want to pick up. In fact don’t pick it up. Go fly instead. Find a space of grace and move with the river beds and the mountains power flow. Let go, spring is here to let you know, you can let go and still love<> Divine Presence I am reaching for your heart, ready to play your beloved instrument and Tune you just right<>Love Christa Luv 3:31:17