Divine Intervention for Depression

I was born awake, just in your arms, did my twenty -second breath take. Where your eyes were no mistake for the way I was ready to make’ U my door to the Universe of Universes. I had to keep sharing. My heart was watching the scene, even though my eyes became closed, my heart was loud and I was listening, incredibly close, your mouth by my ear, Even distant beings, faceless, I smelt their tears. No space for low ideas, this was a mountain of stealth, a place of peace & power. I was leaning in closer, beginning to trust its omnipresence, instead of filling it with habits of escape. I watched U. U watched me, listening in. There have been many before me who found a way to clean up the channel, without falling out of periphery, yet meeting all its round edges with a ballets pointed toe dash ‘of certainty. I was not here to be anything else, I tried and failed miserably. Thank Godis U laughed at my attempts, so loud I only had to listen to what that truly meant for my own life, our life. I was tired enough to realize I had been denying my passion, and A’gain I was on a potent mission to find it. The zenith hour approaching, with nothing but a heart full of prayers and loves irresistible breathe to guide me. I began my journey with a sachet  full of glowing embers, still hot from life’s  growing fire. Oh transmutation’ clarify this vessel before she drowns herself in agony. I prayed to remember psychic processing has days like this. A em-path who feels the world is only as powerful as one draws  it into healing and inquiry<> I ask how do you handle your increasing sensitivity and imagination, so that I may be of service and not depress thee pure gifts influence? On this life you owe yourself a confession’ What exactly are you here for’ darling? I am listening softly, my depression was just an obstacle to my imagination & need to explore thee beloved Unknowns~ With Love~ Dance A’round & find thee source, if you don’t like what you see, enter a new course, Trust to find whats worth your time<> Thank U*

Remember to Invent’ or we may lose thee  world we live in~

12-6-16. Christa Luv.