So Forth We Grow

Did you take the time to know me beyond surface, skin, and sweat? I’d like to look into your eyes a gain without filter, without need. See how everything has changed in company. Did you request any more songs from me? I think I sang you the one about getting through to the Universe and staying there. You seemed to have connected me through your body surrender<> Was that a surrender? I guess if you were not worrying about things, we’d be in love together, instead separately it seems we must dance. I do dance better alone. Union is more fun now when we meet, thank Godis for the illusion of apart. I feel more together than ever. Can this stay on, will you come before going off on your dear habit of disappearing. I like what you said after the massage was done. You made an impression, I needed in order to grow. I sense the angels are hear to stay now. The messengers of self reliance and the way new wings grow without weight, and penetrating light* The tree and I came love^   C~Luv 11/24/16