Open Safe is Love

The undertaking of present conversation. What am I here to do? The work of the heart rules the Universe. Everything else will keep you tied up, somewhat hogged tied’ ya know the feeling. Yet get to know the feeling of love energy, no judgement, allowance, and direct contact with GodisĀ  mystery energy inquiry. How Universe do you bring me this now? New Love, new light on things I’ve been thinking and thinking over and over again, transformed into something more beautiful and more opening. Opening, if your life is not, it is closing in on you and That is not Life. Right now we must reclaim our love presence and let go of all else dividing us and hiding our light. Own your energy and Return, always return and grow with Godis, all situations are for this expansion, can you feel it emerging and healing Everything* Clearly you live for this remembrance and it is easy to meet others who Feel the same and Resonate in the Divine PresenceĀ  Frequency dancing us forward balanced and contently<> Choice Intentions Ascending Bird Song~