~New Season New Paradigm Chime~

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii. As you know Iron Man is approaching and the Triathletes are practicing practicing…. So nice to see the power of the human being in spirit and body work together. We are built infinitely to work in harmony Yes* Very inspiring to me, as I grew up in sports and have never stopped being an athlete, yet I did let go of the extremism of it and ego about it. Athleticism is a relationship with Godis, no one else really, and in that sweaty spiritual discipline we see the difference of what it is we must allow in ourselves and in others to happen. Amazing flower power. And yes, the peace within to follow such a vigorous work out. Your focus is your light and your magic and your power grounded. Isn’t it lovely to realize “You make yourself happy”. Say it “I make myself happy*” Notice how your energy feels focused now and not lost in abyss of a reactive environment spewing your power away. Staying power is your root in yourself, no matter what others do with themselves or ideas about you. Ruler, are you owning you dear? I hope so. Welcome this new month and new season and feel what it is like to be abundant, grateful, direct, honest, and open. Today I found myself more clear about a situation with a woman friend I have been living with and realized I dis-empower myself when I believe her judgements about my personal life. I only empower myself when I honor where I am at without judgement and ultimately that helps me help her too. She doesn’t even have to know I pray that she has happiness and success in her own way. Yet I have learned now That when I am as or more financially and materially as well off as she is, that I will treat others still with kindness, gratitude and presence. Being here is teaching me what True Wealth really is and ultimately I am a Rich one, because I have nothing I can not share with others and the world. In fact everything I have is because I am connected to the abundant universe and I trust in the abundant universe flow. My intuition tells me ” If I’am not judged or judge I am free’er and happier in so many beautiful ways.” Can we agree this is a lesson in Capability and True Wealth Presence Now. No one can make you feel small, but you can notice how small they have become, and pray for their revival as a wholesome open loving human being who trust in the divine order of the abundant universe. Thank You friends and open hands and happy hearts doing your part your art and your flowering power* God can you feel beyond this for me and show me what I am longing for? Seems, it is always, the next shore. Let us open our hearts to the present report here on earth and see how close we are to who we truely are and have worked so hard to become<> What is worth your time, but the order of the divine. Open your eyes to me* And allow yourself to see Thee Beloved Dream* Awake OM~

~Love Christa Luv~ October 1 2016 We Can or I Can or We Both Can~