Now Is It*

Do you see what we are? Or is your vision tainted by your past wounds defended? Give yourself to the present~ What have you become~ A guiding light to others or a victim and slave to your circumstances? People can spend a lifetime living under the eyes of anothers idea of “success” and remain feeling empty not knowing why truely it is. Yet it is easy to see they have not found their Personal Version of Success. I see woman everyday deny their success because it doesn’t look right? Yet when you open your eyes to the present, you can only see all the potential of what is directly at your hands; a place, nature, a person, a lover, a pet, an activity, faith in wholeness to fruition. Why else would we meet at this time in our lives? So that we can see beyond our heads buried in the sand* Try writing a list Calling it~ The Benefits of The Now~ See what is Calling you Now and Trust it~ For Now is leading to the Future you crave, Yes<*> Namaste P.S. ~Everybody is Teacher~ What you want & what you don’t want”. Thank Godis, Don’t get mad, Get Calling Clarity* Love U*