Your Life Design is Calling

Flow open feels like being in your essence. Your element, as the divine force you are designed to be. I have struggled long with my design, trying to distort it, due to feeling it was never welcomed since birth here on Earth. Yet as I read ” Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I realized with a smile inside, we all have a special design that upholds the rest of the matrix, mandala, and wholeness of the Universe evolving. Focus now on what your design is and trust its flow. Your design is your own, nobody Else’s, even though you have your dad’s eyes and calves, doesn’t mean you are a runner like him. Maybe you are a dancer or singer or yogi. Can you remember when you were 5 years young, you knew exactly what you wanted to do here in life. Your life is calling is all about that. I have been through the storms, my home fell apart, my love relationship life burned up, my work felt meaningless and all health issues of past wounds surfaced, Yes all at once! Amazing the dishes life serves up sometimes, you wonder who the chef is, and if they are not a total joker? Point being, I get it! I get that whatever I have been doing to distort myself, had to be cleared, so that I can return to my natural design. Thank Loveliness. Now I am more focused and clear then ever~ Its as if I have finished the Degree program and I finally get to graduate and integrate what I have learned in all areas of my life. Do you ever wake up and wonder how did I get here? Well instead I ask, what does my design have to do with the world’s design today. We are born alone, die alone, and live together in between unknown events, meanings, synchronicity’s. Today I ask you to embrace your design and feel its flow. You may come to learn what you’ve always known and begin to help others do the same. Belong without place, Belong to your design and see the world show up in its Miraculous sign. Love & Light to the Highest degree~ U see U see U me<>photo-on-2013-02-01-at-21-12-29-21-16 Christa Luv (Seaqouia)